Lane Changer 5 Surfboard

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The Lane Changer is a surfboard of two halves: wide, forgiving, fulsome in the front, then slender and knifey and fine-tuned for performance in the back. It’s this combination of volume under the chest and refinement under the back foot that enables it to “change lanes” at will.


  • Fin Set Up – 5-fin
  • Fin System – FCS II
  • Surfboard Construction – PU
  • Surfboard Tail Shape – Rounded Pin
  • Rider ability – Intermediate to advanced
  • Suitable Conditions – The Lane Changer handles anything up to 8ft

Additional information

Fin Set Up

Five Fin

Fin System


Surfboard Construction


Surfboard Tail Shape

Rounded Pin

Surfboard Types

Hybrid Shortboards Funboards

701 reviews for Lane Changer 5 Surfboard

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